Mohamed Adel – detained since 20 November

Mohamed Adel

Mohamed Adel

The Daily News reports: “On Nov. 20, 2008, 20-year-old IT student and political activist Mohamed Adel was surrounded by a large group of men in plain clothing while he was sitting in a Downtown Cairo café, and bundled into a car. Rights NGO the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) suggested in a statement issued last year that the police had tapped Adel’s mobile phone and snatched him on his way to a meeting with a foreign journalist. A  formal arrest warrant was issued on Nov. 24 — four days after Adel’s disappearance. When Adel’s father, Adel Fahmy, went to see his son in Cairo’s Tora Prison on Dec. 8 — after receiving information that his son was being held there — prison authorities told him that “they were not at liberty to give him any information” about Adel and prevented Fahmy from seeing him.

According to RSF, Mohammed Adel makes clear his support for Hamas on his blog and openly criticises President Mubarak, accusing him of “being more concerned about the security of Israelis than of the Palestinian people”. The arrest confirm Egypt’s place among the 15 countries we list as ‘Internet Enemies’”, the worldwide press freedom organisation said. “When it comes to silencing a blogger, who by definition does not have a news organisation ready to publicly support him, the Egyptian authorities do not bother themselves with following the most basic rules of law”.

The Daily News reports that the first hearing of a case lodged against the Interior Minister on behalf of Adel has been adjorned by the Administrative Court until March 23. “The petition demands that Adel’s whereabouts, and the reason for his continued detention, be revealed. It also calls for LE 1 million in damages to be awarded to Adel for the financial and psychological harm caused by his detention.”


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