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Diaa Gad released

March 29, 2009

From Reuters: “Dia was released (Friday) at dawn… He was ill-treated in the period where we did not know where he was being held,” said Gamal Eid, director of the Cairo-based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information. Eid said police beat Gad in the car immediately after detaining him and during his detention in State Security offices. Police beat and kicked him, threatened to electrocute him, and electrocuted others in front of him, according to Eid.”


Mohamed Adel released

March 13, 2009

From ANHRI: “The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said the state security prosecution decided today [8 February] to release blogger Mohammed Adel nicknamed dead ” “after passing 110 days between kidnap, arrest and accusations at the hands of the state security in the case number 1414 for year 2008 with the Supreme State Security Court.

Mohammed Adel was kidnapped in 30 Nov 2008 from downtown on the hands of the state security and was arrested in an unknown place for a month before ANHRI knew he was at the headquarters of the state security in Madinat Nasr then he was arrested for another month. He was charged with following a banned group “the Muslim Brotherhood”

Hoda Nasrallah, a lawyer with the legal aid unit in ANHRI, said in spite of the release decision, we will go on with the case against the minister of interior. The minister along with his aids kidnapped Adel and detained him in an illegal place. We will sue them until they learn to respect the law.

Hossam Shahata released

February 27, 2009

From Egypt and Beyond: “Ghad party activist Hossam Shatata was released three days ago, el-Badeel reports, after spending 15 days in the state security headquarters in Nasr City. He told el-Badeel that he was blindfolded most of the time and fearing for his life. He was accused by interrogators of being a member of a terrorist organization, and hit by one of his guards once after starting a hunger strike. Shahata was detained by state security on 11 February outside the public prosecutors office.”

NGO condemns public prosecution, implicates it in detention of blogger

February 26, 2009

From Daily News Egypt: “Egyptian NGO the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) has launched a stinging attack on the public prosecution office for what it describes as its “contribution” to the detention of a blogger who disappeared 19 days ago. In the statement ANHRI says that it is “extremely disappointed” by the public prosecution office’s “tarrying” in holding to account the state security investigations officers alleged to have kidnapped 23-year-old Diaa Eddin Gad.” Read more.

Prison adminstration refused visit to Magdy Hussein by wife and lawyer

February 17, 2009

From Egypt and Beyond: The prison administration in Port Said refused a visit to Magdy Hussen, secretary-general of the “suspended” Labour Party, by his wife and laywer, al-Badeel reports. The administration says regulations don’t allow visits in the first 11 days, and refused to make an exception. Hussein was sentenced to two years in jail last week by a military court for visiting Gaza without a permission.

According to a report in al-Youm al-Sabi3, Hussein sent a letter to his wife stating that we doesn’t want to present a plea for pardon to the president, as his party was planning.

Egypt seizes aid, arrests doctors

February 15, 2009

From AFP: “Egyptian police on Thursday seized 2,200 tonnes of food and medical aid destined for the Gaza Strip and arrested two members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood responsible for the goods. Hossam al-Shurbagi and Kamel al-Shaarawi, members of the Doctors Syndicate’s committee for aid to Gaza and responsible for three warehouses that were raided in northern Sinai, were arrested, Shurbagi told AFP from in detention. A security official said that the two were accused of illegally storing goods. Shurbagi said the aid was being stored pending a reopening of the Rafah crossing, which Egypt closed on February 5 to all but exceptional cases after opening it to aid and wounded Palestinians during Israel’s war on Hamas.” Read on.