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Bloggers tortured during detention

March 15, 2009

From Global Voices: Two bloggers were separately tortured in Egyptian State Security headquarters. One of them is now released, while the other has been receiving treatment in prison. /—/

Dia’ el Din Gad was arrested on 6 February , he is the runner of a blog called Sout Ghadeb (Angry Voice) where he used to write his views criticizing the Egyptian policy regarding Gaza. He also referred to President Hosni Mubarak as “Ehud Mubarak” – in a reference to Israeli Minister of Defence Ehud Barak.
Amnesty International who considers Gad a prisoner of conscience, mentioned in a recent statement that:

“During interrogation, SSI officers repeatedly threatened to torture and otherwise ill-treat him, and other detainees were apparently brought in front of him and tortured with electric shocks. He was kept constantly blindfolded and heard screams of people who, it appeared, were being tortured.
Dia’ el Din Gad was not beaten but verbally abused and told he would never be released. He was given no access to medical attention, despite a pre-existing condition which affects his breathing and for which he takes painkillers and other medication.”