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Hossam Shahata released

February 27, 2009

From Egypt and Beyond: “Ghad party activist Hossam Shatata was released three days ago, el-Badeel reports, after spending 15 days in the state security headquarters in Nasr City. He told el-Badeel that he was blindfolded most of the time and fearing for his life. He was accused by interrogators of being a member of a terrorist organization, and hit by one of his guards once after starting a hunger strike. Shahata was detained by state security on 11 February outside the public prosecutors office.”


Hossam Shatata – disappeared 11 Februari 2009

February 20, 2009

Hossam Shahata, a member of liberal opposition party Al-Ghad, disappeared in Cairo on the 11 February and is believed to have been detained for Gaza-related activism.

Daily News Egypt reports: “According to independent daily El-Badeel, Shehata disappeared on Feb. 11, 2009. He had apparently gone to the public prosecution office to report attempts by state security investigations forces to arrest him, and reportedly sent a text message to newspapers including El-Badeel which read, “state security officers are looking for me right now and have set up an ambush outside my house in order to arrest me. They asked my family and neighbors about me who rang me on the telephone and told me not to go home.”

When Shehata’s friends went to the public prosecution office to join him, he had disappeared but his car was still parked outside the office. Writing on his blog ( Ahmed Abdel Naby says that Shehata had driven activists to the Rafah Crossing in his car during the Israeli attack on Gaza. Among these activists were Douma and Gad.”

And from Egypt and Beyond: “A lawyer from the Hisham Mubarak Law Center and a member of al-Ghad both confirm that Hossam Shahata did visit Rafah – but without crossing the border to Gaza. Hossam Shahata and Diaa Gad also held a protest outside the public prosecutors office demanding the release of Magdy Hussein, almost three weeks ago – according to a jaiku sent by Gad at that time. So the disappearance of Gad and Shahata is very likely to be connected.”